• DETAILS 16 Pencils total
    FEATURES Musgrave School Line 
    ORIGIN Made in USA
    • We’re obsessed with good old fashioned American manufacturing. We strive to highlight manufacturers that helped build the pride of our country, The American University. There are only three pencil manufacturers left in the USA. Musgrave is one of them. These pencils are new but many of their designs have been unchanged for decades.
    • Qty. 1 Bugle 1816 #2 Pencil
      Qty. 1 Ceres #2 Pencil
      Qty. 1 Choo-Choo #2 Pencil
      Qty. 1 Cub #2 Pencil-Green
      Qty. 1 Cub #2 Pencil-Blue
      Qty. 1 Harvest #2 Pencil
      Qty. 1 Finger Fitter -Orange
      Qty. 1 Finger Fitter- Yellow
      Qty. 1 Harvest red/blue
      Qty. 1 Hermitage thin red pencil
      Qty. 1 Test Scoring Pencil
      Qty. 1 My Pal Mini Jumbo
      Qty. 1 Recycled Newspaper Pencil
      Qty. 1 News 600 Pencil
      Qty. 1 Tot Jumbo Pencil - Red
      Qty. 1 Tot Jumbo Pencil - Blue
    • These cedar wood pencils have been harvested from
      forests that meet stringent environmental, social
      and economic standards. FSC Certified pencils.
    • Learn more about Forest Stewardship Council here
    • Our mission is to provide school supplies to children
      in the foster care system. With this purchase, we
      donate a pencil set to a child in foster care.
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