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Our goal is to create better products for students & families
while providing school supplies to children in foster care.


How we do just that…

We offer 4 collections that meet the unique needs of every age. Including that hard to shop for 12-year old boy that's still your baby but wants to be cool. To your best friend that just received her master's degree. We create products exclusively for students with premium materials that are responsibly sourced. For every item we sell, we donate either a spiral notebook or a pencil set to a child in foster care.


About Jennifer 

San Francisco Bay Area designer Jennifer Moncada started Preppy Prodigy because she believes that we can create better products to keep students and families motivated throughout the school year. 

Jennifer began Preppy Prodigy in 2013 when she opened an Etsy shop and started selling the designs she was creating for her two sons. She started with the lined homework sheets she was using to inspire her boys to do their best work. Each sheet was personalized with the preppy motif used on their personal stationery. These motifs are still part of the product lineup and became the foundation of Preppy Prodigy.


Los Angeles, California
Surrounded by coastal mountains
the ocean & endless sunshine

Richmond, Virginia
BFA in Interior Design
from Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia & California
Designer / Project Manager
Architectural & Design Firms 

San Francisco Bay, California
Created a collection for her children
which became PREPPY PRODIGY

a few words to describe us...

#1. Preppy

We’re inspired by the classic preppy aesthetic.
Not only for it’s academic roots, but for the
humor it brings to our designs
#2. Personal

We want to get personal. We hope it shows
in the products we create and how
we do business
#3. Colorful

Color is the foundation of our collections and
the cornerstone of our brand.
#5. Quality

Each item is meticulously designed,
produced with the highest quality materials
and finished by skilled designers
#5. Integrity

You don’t have to compromise design, quality
and value to produce products responsibly. It’s
not about perfection, but striving towards better